20 February 2020

The Third Generation of 0311

Five years ago, PXG released its first 0311 irons, a lineup that featured a low-density, vibration-dampening thermoplastic elastomer material inside the clubhead. Following those, the GEN2 0311 irons, with a new high-speed polymer called COR2, were released in 2018. Now, PXG has unveiled its latest model of the 0311 irons – the GEN3.  

The body of the PXG 0311 GEN3 irons are forged from soft carbon steel, while the backside is precision milled and has a more defined look. Comparing these to the two previous generations, the biggest change to the GEN3 irons is the new “Impact Reactor Technology” that is inside the hollow heads with a dual-core. The new GEN3s utilize a soft polymer core that helps the face load while storing energy instead of having it dissipate. The firmer polymer outer core provides stability to an extremely thin (1.5 mm) face that leads to higher ball speeds.

The GEN3s look even better than PXG’s first two lines of irons. There’s a clean, sharp look, with the badge providing more defined angles on the back of the lightweight titanium clubhead and, of course, those signature black tungsten weights. Those optimize the center of gravity location and moment of inertia properties.

The GEN3 line includes three models: the XP (Xtreme Performance), T (Tour), and P (Players). The 0311 XP is the most forgiving with its larger, lighter clubhead with higher MOI. Because of that, it has a slightly longer shaft for more distance. It also has a wider sole and larger Impact Reactor than the 0311 T and 0311 P.

The T and P models have some specs that are identical to their predecessors with head size and sole bounce being similar. The topline on the T, which is their tour model, has been made slightly thinner. The P, while also a better players club, has more forgiveness than the T to fit a wider array of players. All of the irons offer a number of custom shaft options.


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