20 February 2020

Srixon Sports Launches Two Latest XXIO Drivers With The Concept Of "Power Position For Greater Distance"

Jakarta, February 13, 2020 - Srixon Sports is pleased to announce the two latest XXIO driver. For golf lovers XXIO drivers have a very good reputation as drivers with easy swings, longer distances, and satisfying punch sounds. The new generation 11 XXIO driver comes with two models; the first model is XXIO Eleven with the main advantage of helping golfers to improve their "carry" easily, this model is already available in stores starting January 1, 2020. The second model is XXIO X (read: ex) designed for golfers who have a solid swing, This second model was available in stores on February 1, 2020.


XXIO was first produced in 2000, for 19 years XXIO has become the top selling golf brand in Japan. The main concepts offered are longer distances, easy swings, and exciting “punch” sounds. The 11th generation of the new XXIO series strengthens the brand value as a golf producer to support the diverse golf life of its customers.


Hidekazu Tagashira, Managing Director, Dunlop Srixon Asia, said "For the 19th consecutive year XXIO has dominated No.1 position in annual sales (total revenue of wood and iron by sub-brands). For this reason, we continue to create innovation and technology development to provide the best satisfaction for customers. The two latest XXIO club series, XXIO Eleven and XXIO X, feature the latest technology that can help golfers hit the ball straighter, farther and more accurately. The technology applied to the XXIO golf club allows longer distances and goes beyond increasing head repulsion performance. The XXIO golf club has gone through a process of research and development, especially by examining swings in the past few years to produce distances that maximize the swing strength of each golfer”.


The 11th generation focuses on Top of the Swing with the new Weight Plus technology, which was developed to help the wrist while adjusting "ideal and very stable power positions for longer distances" at the top, giving a faster and more accurate impact.


During the test, about 70% of testers said they could feel the difference when swinging the club and about 80% when swinging the club. The average distance was increased to 4 meters with XXIO Eleven compared to the previous model. Weight Plus technology has also been used in this 11th generation XXIO which is XXIO X, which can create a greater distance that is unprecedented

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