19 April 2016

A New Path to Power

Srixon Sport Asia hosted a presentation for the release of their new driver, fairway woods, and Iron set: XXIO9, the 9th generation of the XXIO series. The launch was held at Pondok Indah Driving Range on March 11th. The new XXIO9 series clubs feature an entirely new technology which helps increase wrist-hinge without needing to adjust your swing, resulting in a different clubhead path.

 “XXIO9 focus on swing path. I think it’s a lot of different than other products. It is supported by Dual Speed Technology which maximizes both head and ball speed to deliver greater distance. The technology facilitates longer wrist cock throughout the downswing, and thus a different clubhead path without a conscious alteration to the golf swing,” said Sales and Marketing Manager Srixon Sports Asia,  Leon Low, at the presentation of XXIO9. Leon added that for golfers that want to achieve greater distance with an easier and more enjoyable swing, XXIO9 clubs will be strong allies on the course.

The first week after its launch, the new XXIO9 series ranked number one in retail sales market share for both woods and irons in Japan. “This year we are targeting for a 15% [increase over] last year,” said Managing Director Srixon Sports Asia, Tommy Ieda.

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