02 April 2020


Building on the technology from its previous generations, Titleist has released three new balls. With the three models, Titleist provides a ball to suit every golfer who is seeking to maximize their game potential. Read on to find out about the specs and which is right for you.


With a redesigned high flex casing layer, the new AVX has a larger, reformulated low compression core to deliver greater ball speed and low long game spin for more distance. First introduced in the spring of 2018, the AVX was developed as a performance alternative to sit alongside Titleist’s Pro V1 and Pro V1x models, offering the lowest flight, lowest spin and softest feel of the three premium performance offerings. 

The AVX also delivers increased spin and control for improved greenside performance thanks to a new, thinner cast urethane cover. Meanwhile, the increased core size produces an even softer feeling AVX than the previous model. 


Softer than the AVX, the Tour Soft is popular for its long-distance, soft feel and consistent short game control. First introduced two years ago, the Tour Soft is claimed to be the largest core ever produced by Titleist golf ball engineers and offers faster ball speeds for category-leading distance off the tee. 

The larger core also required a thinner 4CE grafted cover, producing increased short game spin around the green, while the updated sphericallytiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design provides a more penetrating ball flight. The new Tour Soft “T” stamp also provides golfers with easier alignment on the tee or green. 


With three new matte color options (pink, green and orange), every component of the Velocity ball has been engineered for maximum velocity, including new aerodynamic and core technologies that deliver the longest, best-performing Velocity yet. This year, the Velocity has been equipped with a new invention of a spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design to produce a more consistent, high-flying trajectory for longer distance. Additionally, a larger, higher speed LSX core generates fast initial velocity with extremely low spin on all full swing shots to help golfers get every last yard and the increased core size adds spin for greater stopability on approach shots.

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