15 December 2016

Tournament To Attract Golf Tourists

Through the World Amateur Golf Championship and World Amateur Golfers Invitational, the organizer for Indonesia hopes to develop the domestic golf industry and attract golf tourists to the country. 

The long journey of the Indonesian qualification for the World Amateur Golf Championship (WAGC) 2016 saw a total of 70 participants take part in 14 qualification rounds at six golf courses in Bogor, continuing on to the Indonesian Final held on September 21st at Emeralda Golf Club.

This year, in addition to the WAGC, the World Amateur Golfers Invitational (WAGI) was also held with a total of seven qualification events. There were 30 teams, consisting of two players in each team. The qualifying teams played at the Indonesian Final along with the WAGC.

Baromeus Gosal, CEO of PT. Bali Fantastic Holiday, the company which holds the Indonesian license for the WAGC, said, “I have two goals holding WAGC and WAGI. First, developing the domestic golf industry through the WAGC and the second is developing golf tourism to Indonesia.”

The Indonesian Final produced five WAGC winners and two teams from the WAGI. The winners flew to Durban Country Club, Durban, South Africa, to play in the WAGC and WAGI World Final on October 22nd -29th. Indonesia brought home three trophies from the event that was attended by over 200 golfers. 

On returning to Indonesia, Gosal, who is also the country director for the WAGC, drew up a plan for 2017. "Next year, I plan to hold more tournaments of WAGC and WAGI than in 2016. Therefore, these tournaments will be spread throughout all golf courses in Bogor and a few in Jakarta. We will also hold the tournaments in Bandung and Bali."
The success of the WAGC & WAGI Indonesia in 2017 will determine Gosal’s grand plan, namely to have Indonesia host the WAGC and WAGI World Final. "My goal, Indonesia host in 2018. However, this plan will not be realized without the support of domestic golf industries and the government which is represented by the Ministry of Tourism. We still have time to prepare it,” added Gosal. 


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