08 December 2019

Preparing for Something New Next Year

Another champion was created by this year's Combiphar Players Championship. The quality of the tournament, which is now in its fourth year, continues improving to the great satisfaction of Michael Wanandi, the President Director of Combiphar. Michael expressed his excitement over the success of the fourth edition of the U$100,000 Asian Development Tour tournament and divulged some clues as to Combiphar's plans for this tournament over the next two years.

Combiphar held the Combiphar Players Championship for the fourth time this year. How did you feel the tournament went?
I saw the fourth edition as the best tournament. I am happy because Combiphar always wants to continue to improve the quality of the tournament. I think this tournament is much better than the previous three tournaments. The players, both professionals and amateurs, also greatly appreciated this tournament. Every year, they always take part in the Combiphar tournament because they know this tournament is good quality. The organizer is quite special; I thank OB Golf for being loyal to us year after year.

You acknowledged the success of this year's tournament. Are there plans to innovate so that future tournaments are more interesting and dynamic?
There are plans to hold something different next year but I can't share now. In 2021, Combiphar will also celebrate the 50th anniversary. For this anniversary, I have talked with Unho Park [Senior Manager of the Tour & Players Affairs Asian Development Tour] and OB Golf [event team] to prepare for a different tournament in 2021, one which has never been held in Indonesia. To be sure, this tournament will get the attention of the players.

Might you have a plan to upgrade this tournament to the Asian Tour level?
I am waiting for Indonesian players to win first in this tournament. Then, we will talk more about that. I always hope there are Indonesian players who win ADT tournaments. 

What about the venue for next year’s tournament?
I am still waiting for feedback from the players. I am personally very happy if Parahyangan Golf can repeat the tournament there. Hopefully, Combiphar can be held again in the same place next year. For us, it's convenient because our factory is very close to this [Parahyangan Golf]. This year's Combiphar Players was unique because we invited players and media to visit our factory in Padalarang.

Speaking about visiting Combiphar’s factory. What was the goal of that opportunity? 
We have held tournaments four times in a row. The participants know Combiphar but they don’t know what Combiphar is, as a pharmaceutical company. Because our factory is close to the tournament venue, we invited participants to take a closer look at Combiphar products and how we produce our products.

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